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  • Triathlon Suits | Tri Suits | Tri-Suits

    What is a triathlon suit? How does a tri suit help in a triathlon? We help you with the answers! View Post
  • Satara Hill Half Marathon: Do's and Dont's

    The Satara Hill Half Marathon is one of the best known and much awaited running races in the India running circuit. Known for its scenic yet tough course, it’s a real test of strength and endurance. Having run this race 4 times, Atul Godbole of Motiv8 Coaching gives 5 do’s and don’ts to consider in the lead-up to the race: View Post
  • Using your GPS/Garmin device in the open water swim

    apace cofounder Aditya Kelkar shares tips on using GPS/ Garmin device at the open water swim How does one best track the swim at a triathlon? - This is a familiar question for many triathletes. If you use a multi-sport GPS device with a specific swimming function (e.g. FR 920XT) AND you ar... View Post

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