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  • Movie: 100 Metros

    Based on true events, this is a Spanish film about a man with multiple sclerosis who could not even walk 100 meters, but pushed through to finish an Iron-Man competition against all odds. View Post
  • Movie: Bleed For This

    In lockdown, with the largesse of watchable content available through Netflix, Prime, Disney+ Hotstar and other online streaming sources, there is probably enough content for every taste. There is a reasonable choice of sports movies as well. This is our attempt to suggest a few lesser known sports movies.

    We begin with a movie called “Bleed for this” available on Netflix. With movies like Raging Bull and the Rocky series, Boxing is definitely a bankable sport for movie makers. “Bleed for this” is also another boxing movie, based on a true story.

    View Post
  • Triathlon Suits | Tri Suits | Tri-Suits

    What is a triathlon suit? How does a tri suit help in a triathlon? We help you with the answers! View Post

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