Triathlon Suits | Tri Suits | Tri-Suits

Triathlon Suits | Tri Suits | Tri-Suits

If you have decided to take a plunge into triathlon, Kudos!

Triathlon, as it happens, is no cake walk. It tests the participant on three disciplines: Swimming, Cycling and Running. Having the right equipment for each leg becomes critical in order to stay comfortable through the entire triathlon. The right swim goggles, the right bike with the right bike fit, and the right running shoes make all the difference between a finish, and a strong finish with reserves to spare! So whats the common link in all the three legs? It is what you wear. Some people call it a Tri-suit, some call it a Triathlon suit, and some call it triathlon kit. So let us discuss what its all about?

What is a tri suit / triathlon suit?

A tri suit is a garment made with features that are specially designed for it to be worn through all the three legs of the triathlon. They generally come in two styles: • one piece (unibody with joint top and bottoms) • two piece (separate top and bottoms)

Why tri suit?

A tri suit is a snug-fitting piece of apparel, that does not obstruct movement during the swim, offers sufficient comfort on the bike, and does not chaff during the run.

What is a tri suit made of?

A tri suit is made of very stretchable fabric that is quick drying, breathable, light weight and having a 4 way stretch, giving the user total freedom of movement during the three legs of the race. Tri suits also use stretchable mesh fabric strategically to aid breathability.

What kind of chamois/padding does a tri suit have?

Tri-suits have a thin pad specifically meant for triathlon. It does not soak in water during the swim. Perforations in the pad help drain the water as quickly as possible. The pad uses a high density foam which keeps the rear comfortable during cycling. The pad is shorter and narrower than a cycling pad. This ensures that the pad does not rub on the thighs during the run. The pad is antibacterial with a soft fabric top.

Is the pad comfortable on the bike? I am used to a thick cycling gel pad

The triathlon pad is definitely not as cushiony as a regular cycling gel pad. So, it needs some “getting used to”. However, with enough saddle time with a triathlon pad, and some brick workouts, it will become comfortable enough for long hours on the saddle.

I need pockets for storing essentials

Tri-suits have several pockets to store provisions that might come in handy during the race. Typically tri suits will offer 2 pockets on the top. However, some clever tri suit designs incorporate shake-proof pockets on the shorts as well.

What are the advantages of using a tri suit?

Whether you prefer a one piece tri suit or two piece tri suit, a tri suit definitely helps in a triathlon because it reduces the need for changing clothing during transitions, and so reduces transition time. Beginners and pros choose a tri-suit for a triathlon because it lets them get on the bike quickly, right after getting out of the swim and immediately start running right after finishing the cycling leg. Another practical advantage of wearing a sleeved tri-suit is that it offers protection from the harsh sunshine. Triathletes are exposed to a lot of sunshine during training and on the race day, so it is advisable that they wear a garment that protects them from the sun.

Do I wear the tri suit for the whole race?

Absolutely! With the right tri suit, you should be able to wear it through the triathlon, and still be comfortable enough while basking in the glory!

What tri suit should I buy

Here comes the fun part: It is a personal choice based on the user’s comfort level. A one piece triathlon suit is what most professionals use. It offers great comfort, and aero efficiency. However, the two-piece tri-suit is considered a practical solution by people who are thinking about technical breaks, such as using the bathroom. It makes life easier that way. But then there is a popular rumour that triathletes do not actually stop at all to use the bathroom! We will let your imagination run wild with that one! The final piece of succeeding at a triathlon race is practicing under simulated circumstances. Practicing using the equipment you are going to swim, bike, and run in multiple times will help you prepare for the race day. If you are going to wear a tri-suit during the race then it is advisable to train adequately in the tri-suit of your choice.

Where can I buy a tri-suit?

At apace of course! Hop over to our TRIATHLON collection and let us help you find a tri-suit that will help you achieve your best on the race day!


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