Crash Replacement Policy

We understand that despite the safest of riding habits, accidents do happen. apace is happy to offer crash replacement on our apparel to cover such incidents, subject to conditions.
  • Crash replacement policy is valid for the 60 days from the date of purchase.
  • The products need to bought at MRP and not on products bought on reduced or clearance pricing
  • Products may be purchased through
    • e-tailers
    • retailers
  • Under the policy, apace will offer a 40% discount on the same product, same size (identical product)
  • If the product is out of stock, apace will offer a parallel product at 40% discount on the MRP of the original product
  • Example: 
      • If a product submitted for crash replacement are Sprint bib-shorts, Black, in size L of MRP Rs 3999, the identical product of size L will be offered at 40% discount. 
      • If that size and color is not available then another product from the same product group (bibs) with a discount of INR1599 (40% of Rs 3999/-) will be offered

    How to claim the Crash replacement policy

    • Please send us an email at with:
      • Proof-of-purchase
      • Photos showing damage to product due to accident/crash
      • We will examine the proof submitted for the Policy eligibility
        • If necessary, we will ask for the product to be sent to us
        • If the product does not pass the policy coverage, we will let you know through email.
        • If eligible, we will acknowledge your request and issue a CR code to be used at check out through a confirmation email.
        • This code can be used to purchase the same or similar product according to the CR rules.
        • Standard turnaround time in issuing the CR code is 7-8 working days from the time the request is received.