Movie: 100 Metros

Movie: 100 Metros

In lockdown, with the largesse of watchable content available through Netflix, Prime, Disney+ Hotstar and other online streaming sources, there is probably enough content for every taste. There is a reasonable choice of sports movies as well. This is our attempt to suggest a few lesser known sports movies.

A few movies capture the spirit of endurance sports better than ‘100 Metros’ ( This is a Spanish movie based on true life events. The movie tells the story of Ramon, a Bilbao resident well settled in his corporate job. When everything is seemingly going well, with a second child on its way, Ramon is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The disease has Ramon in its grip, and seemingly routine tasks slowly start becoming impossible for Ramon. In addition to that, Ramon must deal with his eccentric father-in-law, who does not like Ramon much.

During a visit to the hospital, Ramon reads about the Ironman Triathlon, and is inspired to participate in one. This is the start of his journey from struggling to walk a 100 meters, right down to finishing the Ironman triathlon. He gets unlikely support from his father-in-law, who has been an athlete himself. Unable to train in the city, both move to the F-I-L’s place in the country where Ramon can train to ride the bike with lesser risk. The rest of the movie follows his training, his frustrations and finally his triumph.

The movie is filled with little moments which make us aware and thankful to be alive, healthy, and with our near and dear ones in unusual times like these.

‘100 Metros’ is available on Netflix (

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