Our Philosophy

apace believes in Function before Form.
A product must first function well, looks will naturally follow. We are not afraid to deviate from design status quo if it means improved function for the product.
We design our products to a specific functional goal with the user's need in mind.
If a product is used as intended, it will provide long and comfortable service through its life.
We believe in learning from industry leaders.
We take what we learn, and adapt it in our own way to suit our needs. We do not copy.
We test our products thoroughly in India, because our products are designed for Indian customers in Indian conditions.
We therefore support a number of athletes in their sporting endeavors by providing them with sponsored apparel. This gives us insights into how a product performs, and helps us improve it further.
We pride ourselves in making the product as local as possible.
This means we prefer local vendors for services as well as raw material. However, we do reach out to overseas vendors if specific accessories or material are not available locally at the quality we need. We welcome new vendors who would like to work with us to develop new services or products.
We work hard to provide the best service possible.
We use a process based approach to service, but we value the human element. We try to provide the best possible service to our customers in all situations. We succeed at times, and we fail at times.
We believe in continuous improvement in everything we do.