Why padded shorts/capris for women cyclists

Why padded shorts/capris for women cyclists


Padded capris/shorts aren’t just for serious racers, every kind of woman cyclist benefits from riding in shorts/capris with good quality pads. We asked six women cyclists, why they prefer wear to wear cycling specific padded shorts/capris. Here is what they had to say:

padded cycling shorts for women

Sharwari Kher: "I choose to wear cycling shorts cause I do long endurance rides..So comfort is paramount n prevention of saddle sores which are a by product of long rides..So for me cycling shorts should help minimize saddle sore n should be easy on the skin..Not cause any irritation to the skin particularly in humid sultry weather."

Meera Velankar: “Us ladies have a specific anatomy, sitting on the cycle saddle can cause extra pressure on the sit bones, padded shorts/capris reduce the pressure. It took me a while before acquainting myself with cycling specific apparel, but now that I know the importance of wearing padded capris, I wear them on all my rides

Pooja Srinivas: "Padded cycling shorts give support and provide protection from chaffing

Aarathi Swaminathan: "Help us ride comfortable especially when you do a long distance of 100+ km. It also helps to avoid saddle soreness.I personally prefer compressed padded shorts for Triathlon as we would have to sit in our aerobar position for almost 180km. It also prevent from injury/pressure on your private parts"

Geeta Ratwani:"Padded shorts is a must for riding as it helps to avoid soreness and protects sensitive areas.

Abirami Manoharan: "First is the comfort factor. Thin good padding’s for races and comfortable padding for long endurance ride.Second would be the fit and feel. A good bib capri/shorts would make us look fitter."

Wearing cycling specific wear for rides can turn your cycling experience from liking your rides to loving them! 

Watch this space for some exciting new product releases!

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