Why Bib Shorts

Why Bib Shorts

Mahesh Iyer, an avid cyclist and racer from the Pune Wolfpack shares some insights on why bib shorts are more comfortable than regular cycling shorts.





As a recreational cyclist, one typically starts with basic cycling shorts with a foam pad. But as distances get longer, the focus shifts from being able to complete the distance, to being more comfortable on the saddle for long hours. So one naturally progresses to gel padded shorts.

At some point, you start to look at ways to get stronger, better, and faster. To achieve this, it is paramount to get more comfortable and efficient on the bike, especially when it comes to the riding position on a road bike or a time-trial bike. For more comfort on the saddle, the bib short is something that would have definitely crossed your mind – you would have seen all the professionals and other experienced riders use and even swear by it. Therefore, that would seem the natural progression to move up to bib shorts.

Bib shorts are essentially non-removable suspenders integrated into the cycling shorts. They are made using Lycra or mesh to be lightweight, breathable and easy on your shoulders. The bib shorts holds the chamois/padding in place through the suspenders, instead of relying on the waistband on the regular short. The regular shorts will start to slip over time and so will the padding, resulting in more chafing, saddle sores and in general unhappy times. Designed in a way that guarantees the chamois stays perfectly in place, bib shorts will ensure more comfortable times on the bike.

Because there is no waistband, there is no uncomfortable elastic cutting into your abdomen. You are also less likely to feel as if your blood flow and oxygen intake through deep diaphragmatic breathing is being restricted. You will feel more productive in the saddle, especially over long distances. Another drawback to the traditional waistband is that they collect and retain moisture, which increases the potential for chafing and overall likelihood of discomfort. Bib shorts will leave you feeling completely free and comfortable in the torso.

Nature calls might be seems a bit tricky with the suspenders, but you soon figure out a way on how to relieve yourself and that would hardly be a stumbling block in making this switch.

So if you have been thinking about getting one, rest assured that you will come to appreciate the decision just after a few rides.

- Mahesh Iyer

Apace introduces their Echelon Bib-shorts. A result of an ongoing product development effort, the apace Echelon Bib shorts delivers comfort and performance. The unique four-way stretchable quick-wick fabric takes moisture away from the skin, and keeps you dry and light. With a race-ready gel cycling pad, the cycling bibs sport mesh suspenders which ensure that the shorts remain comfortable, no matter how hard your ride becomes. The unique hemline compression band on the legs provides the necessary grip so that the shorts do not ride up when the cadence gets intense. Unique pockets on both legs allow for additional storage of gels, energy bars and other essentials. The reflective logo in the front provide safety and visibility.

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