Tips for the Deccan Triathlon, Kolhapur 2018

Tips for the Deccan Triathlon, Kolhapur 2018

Participating in a triathlon can bring about a range of experience like, having a harrowing time at the transitions to losing track of the bike loops, it can also make you aware of your mental strength and physical fortitude. We asked 5 podium finishers from the 2017 edition of the Kolhapur triathlon to share their secret training tip, so that participants can train well and when they reach the finish line, their triathlon experience will be mostly a positive one.

Shilpa Phadke:

“Brick workouts i.e. transitioning from one discipline to other is the key to ensure a successful and happy triathlon, practice the transitioning well"

Key takeaway: Practice your transitions so that there are no surprises on race day. 

Solonie Singh Pathania:

“For those doing the half-iron distance at Kolhapur - they need to hydrate ..  by the time one hits the run it’s very hot and the course has almost no shade at all... so hydrate plenty and use sunblock” 

Key takeaway: Drink plenty of water and electrolytes.

Pankaj Ravalu:

“Kolhapur triathlon has best swim course, perfect for half ironman swim, don’t lose out on the experience!”

Key takeaway: Make most of the fantastic lake swim.

Rounak Patil:

"Having a mental strength is one of the most crucial things in Triathlon. Practice pushing limits hard and practice your nutrition strategy, don’t go too hard on the bike.. try and enjoy it on the race day. Deccan Triathlon is by far the best triathlon held in India , well organised, superb hydration and amazing cheering crowd..all the best and enjoy every bit of it!! “ 

Key takeaway: Enjoy the race, and give your best.

Aditya Kelkar:

“Focus on the bike leg, It’s the longest leg of the triathlon and can make or break things for you. Eat well on the bike, go comfortably hard on the effort, make as much time as possible. During training spend significant time on the bike."

Key takeaway: Prepare well for the bike leg, and make most gains on the bike route.


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