All about the Fit....

All about the Fit....

The apace cycling jerseys fit guide

Peloton - Club Fit

The Club fit under the Peloton range is designed to have a relaxed fit for supreme comfort for on and off the bike. Made with a very stretchable knitted fabric, the Club fit jerseys are a relaxed fit. This range is aimed for the everyday cyclist who will enjoy the extra room the jersey provides in the ride position. An ideal choice for commuters or leisure cyclists, the apace Peloton range is popular for the comfiest experience it delivers!

Chase - Pro Fit

The Pro fit under the Chase range is designed to have a snug fit for a more tailored look. Close fitted than the Club fit, the Chase jersey is made with the same stretchable fabric, giving the cyclist an aero advantage while offering some room to breathe in the ride position. If you are training for a race or a tour, or you are simply looking to cut time, the Pro fit jersey will get you there!

Breakaway - Race Fit

The Breakaway fit is ideal for serious racers. The Race fit under the Breakaway range is designed to be form fitting in order to deliver the aerodynamic advantage to the cyclist. Jerseys under the Race fit range are snuggest of the three fits. It’s an Ideal choice for serious cyclists and racers who are looking to cut wind, ride against the elements and win!

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