Compete, dont just complete!

Pune has been called a bicycle city in the good old days. The bicycle gave way to the motorcycle, then to the car. But then in the past decade or so, the bicycle has become popular again, at least from a recreation and fitness point of view.
Gyms, fitness clubs etc are mushrooming in every nook and corner, pretty much like the Symbiosis Institutes of Pune. Enthusiast groups are taking the recreational part to task. Participation in fitness and recreational cycling has definitely on the rise. However, fitness, recreational sports and then competition are the path to developing a sporting culture, and it is a self-sustaining cycle by itself.
In a city like Pune, where on any given early morning, there are loads of cyclists on the road in cycling gear, and good bicycles. Many of these cycle everyday, racking up significant mileage each week. Moreover, many of them also sign up for BRMs with really long distances - 200, 300, 400, 600 etc. The participation in BRMs also is on the rise. A recent 600km BRM reportedly saw 50+ registrations. BRMs have done a fantastic job at creating a cycling culture.
So, now why not try your hand at bicycle racing?  These are short distances (upto 100 kms), they take up not more than a morning on a Sunday, they introduce you to a whole different aspect of cycling, and they tend to bring out the best in everyone. Bicycle racing doesnt have to be only for the lean mean cycling machines. You dont need to have an ultralight geewhiz racing bike to participate in a bicycle race. There is absolutely nothing wrong in not being able to keep up with the leaders - no one is judging! There is absolutely no reason to be afraid of competition - its all in good spirit! You can be large, but still have the heart to show up and give it your best shot. You can be on the wrong side of the BMI scale, but you could still generate enough power to beat a skinny looking guy. Fitness, and fatless are not necessarily the same. 
apace is partnering with  Western State Sports Management  along with other fine sponsors such as Argon18India, OnTheRun, MultiFit and GarminIndia to bring this series of 7 races. With one race each month, you can definitely put in the training and give each race your best shot.
Try it out. Join us for the WSSM Road Series races, and experience cycle racing. These are short focused events where competition is king, competition is healthy, and no one is judging!

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