apace Transition t-shirt review

apace Transition t-shirt review

When I laid my eyes on this apple green Transition t-shirt, I knew I had to try it because I had the perfect accessories to go with it.

The last time I had taken my son's cycle out for a spin was in January 2017, and I remember two things from that ride, it took me a bit of time to understand the gear alignment and everything because apparently cycles had changed in the past 25 years and I remember that since I did not own a cycling jersey, I wore a regular t-shirt, a jacket with pockets to hold my keys and phone, which added bulk and frumpiness to my gear. I came back from the ride feeling not inspired enough to go cycling again. But being an occasional cyclist also meant i did not want to invest in a cycling jersey either so I did the next easiest thing, I just didn’t venture out cycling much.

Until of-course I saw this apple green number, the apace Transition t-shirt as it is called, is ideally suited for people training for multi sport events. One t-shirt that can be used for running and cycling. Simple and easy. Transition t-shirts are cut to provide a close fit whilst riding and have one generous-sized pocket on each side to hold phone/keys/energy bar/money/small bottle of water and a short zipper for venting.

From personal experience I would say that the Transition t-shirt is also that perfect stepping stone for an occasional cyclist like me who doesn’t want to invest in a cycling jersey and yet is looking for an upgrade from wearing regular t-shirt, because cycling in a regular t-shirt comes with the trappings of bearing with sweat and chills. The Transition t-shirt made with moisture wicking fabric raises the overall biking comfort.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first 21km ride wearing the apple green Transition t-shirt. I came back feeling good and looking good, which according to me is a testament to how good the article of clothing is.

High on the style quotient, high on functionality, watch out guys, apace might have just nailed it with this one!

-Shilpa Godbole

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