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Cycling Jersey | Limited Edition | Race-fit | Bloom

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Limited Collection 2021; ‘Bloom’

Our homage to revival, comeback. The world has endured harshest two years of pain, loss & waiting. Waiting can be hard but nature shows that the coldest winter will subside one day & flowers will bloom. Spring will arrive. Not at a time of our choice but at the right time. Twenty-seven absolutely, breathtakingly stunning pieces of the Bloom unisex jersey. The Bloom design won’t be repeated ever.
The Bloom is a Limited-Edition jersey based on the Podium race-fit, with an aggressive and rigid construction. With a more contoured cut, the front wraps around to the back to minimize seams. The back is made with a more rigid fabric and is designed to reduce the sag of the pockets when loaded. The waist-length front allows the lightweight zipper to stay as straight as possible when in the riding position. The sleeves are constructed to eliminate stitches in the underarms, reducing friction in that area. The jersey is designed by Hyderabad based cyclist and graphic designer Gautam Sriram.

Features and Fabric

- Race fit with fitted sleeves
- Lightweight construction for reduction in seams
- Powerband gripper on the wraparound front
- Rigid back panel for reduced sag of pockets
- Three open back pockets with reflective elements
- Polyester-spandex Mesh knitted fabric
with sublimation printing and moisture management

About Gautam, in his own words

I am a designer. I have been designing things big & small since 2016 & I have been getting better at it. I design to solve problems & sometimes to just make things look better.
My diverse set of skills & knowledge help me approach problems in various ways to develop solutions using design. My natural aptitude towards advertising & UX has helped me learn quickly & design efficiently.
As a responsible designer, I practice ethical design & hope my work positively contributes to society.

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