Warranty, Returns, and FAQs

Product Warranty

  • apace offers a 6 month warranty period from the date of purchase. 
  • apace reserves the right to determine whether a product is covered under warranty or not, irrespective of the warranty period
    • Discounted or clearance products are not covered under any warranty coverage, and returns
    • apace warranty covers manufacturing defects and does not cover any damages that result from accident, misuse, abuse or negligence of the product
  • Examples of misuse, abuse, negligence can be:
      • Not following washing instructions listed for the product
      • Rubbing of the product fabric against abrasive surface 
      • Product used for purpose it’s not meant for. E.g. Cycling shorts are not meant to be used for horse riding
      • Warranty claims will be entertained only with a proof-of-purchase
          • For purchases through the apace website, the order number should be provided
          • For purchases through e-tailers or retailers, an invoice from the seller should be provided
        • apace warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages, such as damage to, other equipment, or loss of time, loss of podium finish (it can happen) or loss or damage due to act of god, or similar expenses
        • apace warranty on all products expires immediately if the product has been altered through repairs, modifications etc
        • Any situations out of the ones listed above will be considered on a case-to-case basis
          • Please send us an email using the form below, or email contact@keepapace.com with:
            • Proof-of-purchase
            • Photos showing defects/ issues with product
          • We will acknowledge your request through a confirmation email
            • Products under warranty claim should be returned to us only after you receive a confirmation email from us.
          • Once we receive the product, the product will undergo inspection to determine warranty coverage
          • If the product does not pass inspection or is deemed out of warranty coverage, it will be returned back to you.
          • If the product is deemed under warranty, we will issue a refund or exchange
          • Standard turnaround time in issuing replacement or refund is 10-12 working days from the time the product is received by us

          Crash Replacement

          We understand that despite the safest of riding habits, accidents do happen. apace is happy to offer crash replacement on our apparel to cover such incidents, subject to conditions.
          • apace reserves the right to determine a valid crash case or not
          • Crash Replacement claims will be entertained only with a proof-of-purchase
            • For purchases through the apace website, the order number should be provided
            • For purchases through e-tailers or retailers, an invoice from the seller should be provided
              (CR1 is only applicable on orders placed after 12 midnight 21/9/2021)
              • Crash replacement CR1 is valid only on products purchased at MRP, including those purchased using specific coupon code
                • Products may be purchased through e-tailers, retailers, or through the apace website
                • CR1 will not be valid on products bought on reduced or clearance pricing
                  • CR1 will be valid for the first 30 day period from date of purchase
                  • Under CR1, apace will offer a 35% discount on the same product, same size (identical product)
                  • If the product is out of stock, apace will offer a parallel product at 35% discount on the MRP of the original product
                    • Example: 
                        • If a product submitted for crash replacement are Sprint bib-shorts, Black, in size L of MRP Rs 3499, the identical product of size L will be offered at 35% discount. 
                        • If that size and color is not available then another product from the same product group (bibs) with a discount of Rs 1224 (35% of Rs 3499/-) will be offered.
                      • Please send us an email using the form below, or email contact@keepapace.com with:
                        • Proof-of-purchase
                        • Photos showing damage to product due to accident/crash
                        • We will examine the proof submitted for CR1 eligibility
                          • If necessary, we will ask for the product to be sent to us
                          • If the product does not pass CR1 coverage, we will let you know through email.
                          • If eligible, we will acknowledge your request and issue a CR1 code through a confirmation email.
                          • This code can be used to purchase the same or similar product according to the CR1 rules. 
                          • Standard turnaround time in issuing the CR1 code is 5-6 working days from the time the request is received.


                            If you are not happy with your apace product for any reason such as Sizing, Product not as expected etc. and would like to return it, we will accept returns for a full refund subject to the following:
                            • Returns are valid only on products purchased from our website http://www.keepapace.com. 
                            • For purchases through e-tailers, or retailers, please contact your e-tailer/retailer directly.
                            • Returns will be accepted within the first 30 day period from date of purchase
                            • Product must be unused, in original condition and packaging, with all tags intact
                            • After receipt and QA of the returned product, refund will be processed to the same mode of payment used for the purchase. 
                            • It can take between 7-10 days for the refund to reflect in your account.
                            • Returns of discounted or clearance items will not be accepted
                            • Shipping costs are non-refundable. The refund will be processed after deducting cost of shipping, nominally at INR 60/-
                            • If you need to return a product for a refund, please send an email using the form below, or email contact@keepapace.com with the ordernumber and product to be returned.
                            • We will confirm the return through an acknowledgement email. 
                            • Please ship the product back to the following address: 
                              Apace Apparels and Equipments pvt. ltd., 
                              Flat 4A Achyut Prasad Apts, Behind Kalyan Jewellers,
                              Karve Road, 
                              Pune 411004, Maharashtra, India 
                              Phone: +91-9112211642


                            We are currently unable to facilitate exchanges. If you would like to exchange a product for a different size, color, or a different product altogether, we recommend placing a new order for the new product, and returning the original product by following the Returns Process above.


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