#apacerides funrides is an initiative to get more people onto the bicycle.
#apacerides funrides are completely free!
A lot of us have stopped using the bicycle after school and yearn to get back on the saddle, but don't know where to begin.
#apacerides funrides are the perfect platform to start or restart riding.
Cyclists of all abilities are welcome!
#apacerides funrides are about cycling, and not racing.
#apacerides funrides will be short to medium distance rides, with a leader, support riders, as well as a support vehicle at the back.
#apacerides leave no-one behind.
Everyone rides to their abilities, and no-one is judged on how fast or slow they are. At the end of each ride is a breakfast and coffee waiting for you.
Join us, and rediscover the joy of cycling!

Join us in Pune:

Registration for #apaceride Funride Pune on the 28th of April 2019 are now closed.